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Rolling mills and mining
It helps to have worked as a diekeeper at an aluminum extrusion plant, and as an interpreter at rolling mills in the US and Brazil. I feel at home in an industrial environment surrounded by compressed air, high voltages and temperature extremes, and understand the way plant equipment works and fails. I am at home in a mine environment and parlayed the geology, geophysics and soil dynamics I learned as an oil translator into a solid grasp of mining.
Working as a roofing contractor and carpenter between semesters was just the thing for a grasp of production, logistics, takeoffs, power tools, bidding, scheduling and general business practices for industry. It was also a hands-on education in safety, insurance and the importance of first-aid. That is my hand, sadder but wiser.
Glossary sample And where will a translator find the specific terminology used by engineers, vendors, transporters and manufacturers?   There is no published mining industry technical dictionary for English and Portuguese. In order to keep on schedule with a large-scale bidding process, a translator must have customized glossaries prepared in advance--before the deadline starts ticking away. I even make audio glossaries as review material before interpreting assignments.
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